Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Medical Examination:
Medical fitness will be precondition for admission in the Institute. Selected candidates are medically examined by a Medical board constituted by the institute for the purpose.

Identity Cards:
A student shall be required to collect an identity card at the beginning of each(x) academic year. A copy of her photograph black & white (size 2” × 1”) must be attached to it and one extra copy of the photograph should be submitted to the college for the record. The student shall have to carry the identity card with her at all time and may be required to produce the same at anytime.

A minimum requirement of 95% of the attendance for the clinical experience including urban and rural community health nursing experience and 85% attendance of the lectures in each subject in the academic year is mandatory.

Medical Check-up:
Medical check up will be arranged annually by the Institute.

Students are not permitted to take any kind of leave or absenteeism during the course except 4 weeks summer vacation, 3days Puja holiday, 1 week Bihu holiday, 2 weeks Christmas and 10 days other public holiday as admissible to Organization.

Student Facilities:
Over and above the academic programme offered by the college, attention is also given throughout the entire programme to students need for growth and development physical, social, emotional as well as intellectual.

Students Activities:
Students shall participant in all the activities organized by the Institute.

Educational trip:
Educational Trip will be arranged during the course and the students will have to bear the full expenses of the trip.

Student’s Council:
Student’s council formed to coordinate the co-curricular activities of the students.

Guidance and Counseling:
Counseling and Guidance will be provided to the students with personal, academic and vocational problems either by giving counseling directly and or through agencies.

Students are given orientation to the institute, parent hospital GNRC and to the hostel its activities and their role as a student so as to make them adjusts easily and feel at home in their new surroundings.

Conduct and Discipline:

  Students are responsible to the principal for their behavior both in and outside the college.
  The student must ensure 100% attendants in the clinics.
  Mobile Phones should not be used during the college hours and Clinical hours.
  Students should not remain absent on the last day before the vacation and on the 1st day after vacation. 3 days make-up duty will be given per day of absenteeism.
  Students should not remain absent during the College Ceremonies (Example: College Week, Pre-Christmas Celebration etc.)
  Proper Uniform should be worn during the Clinical duty and every student should have the pocket articles.
  Classroom should be well equipped with Chalk, duster before the class starts.
  Proper replacement of OHP, and Projector, Laptop, Extension Cord, Speaker, Sound Box should be done. Only one student should handle it.
  Library should be used effectively and all students should be present in the library during the library hours.
  Students must follow their dress code in the college i. e wearing descent SalwarKamiz with Dupatta (Knee length with sleeves)
  Students should informed promptly any form of incidents (like Theft, absenteeism in hostel, misbehavior etc.) to the respective coordinators through proper channel.
  Students should strictly maintain the college timing and clinical timing.
  Students should maintain the college decorum. Discarding left over food in the dustbin is strictly prohibited. Scribbling on the desk and tables is strictly prohibited.
  Students should be present 30 minutes before the Exam time. Otherwise it will be mark as absent if the students reach late
  Students should maintain silence in the classes, library, reading room and in the corridors when lectures are in session.
  Students should make every effort to take care of the institute and hospital and help in maintaining them. They should not write on blackboard, nor scribble on tables, and walls.
  Any willful damage done to the property of the institute and hospital will be dealt with as a breach of discipline
  If a student is required to get leave from the college or hospital in the middle of the day for an emergency, the students must get the sanction from her class teacher/supervisor and a letter must be produced from the parent or guardian.
  When a student wants to withdraw from the institute, parents or guardians should intimate this in writing giving the reason for it.
  Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the hospital and college authority.
  Violating the rules will be dealt with disciplinary action according to the discretion of the college authorities and if necessary dismissal from the institute may be considered depending upon the seriousness of the violation
  Students are required to maintain the ethical and professional behavior laid down by the institute, hospital and community premises.
  Rules are subject to change
  Parents/Guardians must meet the principal, when called for.
  Both the parents and guardians are required to furnish their specimen signature in the presence of the class teacher, at the beginning of every academic year. These signatures are required for verification as and when required.
  All decisions taken by the principal are final & binding.